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International Study Group for Systems Biology (ISGSB) meeting 2014

Durham University

When and where: 2nd-5th of September, 2014, Durham University, Durham, United Kingdom

“In September Durham University will host the 2014 International Study Group for Systems Biology (ISGSB) meeting “From Cell to Organism”.

Bottom-up Systems Biology starts to connect in various ways to whole-genome, whole-tissue or whole-body approaches, while stochastic models of small networks, such as transcription or a metabolic pathway, give insight into the causes of cell-to-cell variation within a tissue or cell population. At the cell level, genome-scale constraint-based modelling and small-scale kinetic modelling are progressing towards each other and whole-body or whole-organ metabolic models may incorporate detailed kinetic models of relevant pathways.

Hence, the trend and challenge of Systems Biology is to bridge the different scales of complexity. This timely topic has applications in various realms of biology, including human disease, ecology and biotechnology. The meeting welcomes Systems Biology contributions at different scales of complexity, but notably those that bridge between detailed, kinetic modelling and cell (population), tissue or body level. Moreover we welcome contributions that access these problems experimentally, theoretically, computationally or bridge between these three. There will be a special focus session about Ageing, nutrition and metabolism, a topic in which different scales and their relation are of utmost importance.

This meeting welcomes both biologists, computational modellers and interdisciplinary researchers in the systems biology field.” (Source: ISGSB 2014 webpage)

CMSB 2014 The 12th Conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology

Manchester Institute of Biotechnology

When and where: 17th-19th of November, 2014, Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

CMSB 2014 is an opportunity to hear about the latest research on the analysis of biological systems, networks, and data. The conference brings together computer scientists, biologists, mathematicians, engineers, and physicists interested in a system-level understanding of biological processes. The event will be held at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, part of The University of Manchester. (Source: CMSB 2014 webpage)