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Behaviour driven model construction in Matlab

Using the Hornberg 2005 MAPK signal transduction pathway model a Genetic Algorithm was implemented in Matlab for moving the peak (i.e. global maximum) of the ERK-PP time series as late as possible i.e. as further away in time as possible. The algorithm starts with a population of randomly initialized individuals and runs for a given number of iterations. In the end, all the individuals for which the peak of the time series of ERK-PP is reached later than a given threshold value are printed in a file “output.txt”. The source code is open source and can be adapted for other projects. You can access it from the github repository behaviour-driver. Thank you to Qian Gao for providing the set of ODEs already implemented in Matlab. They are the result of her own work and only a modified version of the model was used here. For more details regarding the original model, please contact the author.

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